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Can you watch the video and do some activities?

....Let´s try......, watch the video and ask your teacher for the activities !

                                                                                   Good Luck!
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Comparatives and superlatives:

Provide the comparative of the following adjectives:

Good    _______________
Bad       _______________
Tall       _______________
Heavy   _______________
Many    _______________
Short    _______________
Happy  _______________
Beautiful _________________
Important ________________

Complete these sentences use the comparatives of the adjectives in parenthesis:
1.       My father is ____________________ (tall) than my mother.
2.       My cousin is ______________________ (intelligent) than me.
3.       Travelling by bus is __________________ (cheap) than travelling by taxi.
4.       There are many doctors at Argerich hospital, but there are ______________ (many) at Austral.
6.       I have always been happy, but now I’m __________________ (happy) than ever, since I’m going to be a father soon.
7.       My wife looks ________________________ (beautiful) than ever!
8.       I think that being happy is much ______________________ (important) than being rich.
1.   It is bad to burn a finger while making a pudding, but it is ________________ (bad) to cut it off.
Give the superlative of the adjectives above:

Good    _______________
Bad       _______________
Tall    _______________
Heavy    _______________
Many    _______________
Short   _______________
Happy  _______________
Beautiful _________________
Important  ………………………………….

Compare the following:
1.       Messi- Aguero- Maradona- (good)
I think Messi is the best of the three football players.
2.       Ginobili- You- Messi – (tall)
3.        Angelina Jollie- Madonna- Serena Williams (beautiful)
4.       Buenos Aires- Cordoba- San Luis- (big) 
5.       smartphone- ipad- digital camera (expensive)
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